Swimming lessons for all ages and abilities.  Term time/school holiday courses, private home swimming and school swim programmes throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Greater London

We live and breathe sport and want to inspire future generations so they have the skills and confidence to enjoy it as much as we do

Fancy an outdoor dip? It might not be everyone's cup of tea but open water swimming has many benefits including imp… https://t.co/rNQ5XnLwEh

RT @speedo: How to begin every morning 💙 https://t.co/O7VDbJthie OfficialEdge1 photo

RT @swimmersbest: This week's problem is Not Extending Arms on Glide for breaststroke. Check back here tomorrow for a Coaches Tip on how to…

Should we encourage or discourage kids to wear googles in the pool? At Edge we think that get them used to not wear… https://t.co/Wu4m5Om5p3


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