COVID-19: return to swimming

COVID-19 Rules and Guidance for return to swimming lessons

Before returning to swimming lessons, parent/guardians are required to fully read, understand and sign to confirm that you agree to the following rules and guidelines: The rules and guidelines have been designed to ensure all swim school participants are safe from COVID-19.


Prior to confirmation of term time place (to be completed online)

  1. Complete the ‘COVID-19 screening questionnaire’ – must be completed before any term-time swim course booking can be re-confirmed.
  2. Provide / re-confirm your contact details for Track and Trace – In case you need to be contacted, you must provide current contact details for track and trace purposes

COVID-19 screening questionnaire / re-confirm of contact details for Track and Trace – click here


Lord Wandsworth College (LWC) / All Hallows Catholic School (AH) – Rules and Guidance

Prior to the weekly swimming lessons

  1. Any swimmers or accompanying adults/siblings with Covid-19 symptoms are not permitted to come to the school site/swim in any circumstances (temperature, cough, difficulty breathing or loss of taste/ smell).
  2. Travel outside UK –  You must inform Edge Swim school if any members of a swimmers’ family have travelled outside the UK OR come into contact with someone arriving back in the UK from a country that is outside the common travel area (one that is NOT on the list of countries and territories with no self-isolation on arrival in England). If you / your family have travelled outside the common travel area you must follow Government advice and adhere to the 14-day isolation period (and as such will not be allowed to swim/attend site).
  3. Weekly COVID-19 update – Parents will be asked if there any changes in COVID-19 symptoms prior to the weekly swim lesson. Please advise us immediately of any changes.

Bringing and collecting the children for their swim lessons

  1. Only one parent/guardian is permitted to bring their child(ren) swimming.
  2. Where possible please do not bring any none swimming siblings to site.
  3. No Spectators – Parents are not permitted to enter the swimming pool building and therefore will be unable to watch their children swim at this time. Instead swimmers will be dropped off / collected at the pool door (top of steps – LWC / double doors (AH)).
  4. Please wait in your car – while lessons are taking place parents must wait in their cars (not outside the pool building as LWC students still use these areas after school hours).
  5. Ready to swim – Children must come to lesson ready to swim (costume on under towel/onesie/poncho & easy to remove shoes such as flip flops/crocs/sliders etc. The changing room facilities are out of bounds so children / parents cannot access these areas.
  6. Toilet facilities (LWC) – External toilets are available to use. They are located just outside of the pool building by the steps (no toilets are available inside the pool building). Please encourage children to use the toilet before/after their lesson. If required during the lesson, your child will be escorted to the toilet by a member of staff.
  7. Toilet facilities (AH) – Changing room toilets will be available to use. Please encourage children to use the toilet before/after their lesson. If required during the lesson, your child will be escorted to the toilet by a member of staff.
  8. The first week of the new term – Parents/guardians arrive with their child/children 10 minutes early in the first week so that everyone can familiarise themselves with the new set-up (where toilets are situated, where to meet after the lesson etc).
  9. Start of the lesson – The children will be registered/met at the pool building entrance (by the steps) by their swim teacher who will then take them in for their lesson
  10. Hand sanitizer on entry – when entering the poolside all swimmers must use hand sanitiser before their lesson.
  11. End of the lesson – children will not be able to remove their costumer as there is nowhere to change so we recommend that they slip on their onesie/wrap themselves in a towel/slip on their flip flops/sliders before their swim teacher will escort them group back to the entrance of the pool building to be collected by the parent.
  12. Once collected from the lesson – please go straight home to shower/change. You are permitted to change swimmers in your car, but not outside the pool building.


How the COVID-19 swimming lessons will work

  1. 25-minute lessons – Lesson duration has had to be reduced by 5 mins (25mins) to ensure safe changeover time. Parents must be present to collect their child(ren) after 25-minutes.
  2. Class sizes – Have been slightly reduced to help with social distancing
  3. One-way system (LWC)- the poolside will operate in a clockwise system
  4. Teaching from the poolside – there will be no physical contact between poolside swimming teachers and swimmers when making corrections, only oral communication, keeping the required distance.
  5. Teaching from in the pool – Duckling/stage 1/stage 2 children will have the swim teacher/assistant teacher in the water as these swimmers are classed as beginners needing assistance. Social distancing will be maintained but there will be instances of contact being made for no more than 10 seconds at a time.
  6. Extended teaching area – The lane width or teaching area is extended to ensure/maintain social distancing.
  7. Pool space allocation – Cone, sinking discs/dive rings are used to indicate pool space allocation on pool floor for swimmers and groups.
  8. Learning breathing techniques – Activities are planned to ensure the class all breathe on the same side. Also, swimmers are encouraged to breathe away from other swimmers.
  9. Lane swimming groups – swimmers must not overtake or use backcrawl/wide strokes such as butterfly. Breaststroke should only be done over 1 length to maintain social distancing.
  10. The use of floats/noodles – Equipment is not shared between the swimmers of the group. Please feel free to bring your own float/noodle if you wish.


EDGE Swim Staff available (in addition to the swim teachers)

  1. Pool reception area – There will a member of the swim team available for you to speak with at the pool entrance.
  2. Poolside – There will be a member of the swim team available on the poolside who will not be teaching.


COVID-19 screening questionnaire / re-confirm of contact details for Track and Trace – click here


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