Swim School FAQ’s

Yes, if we have a suitable space it is possible to join part-way through a term.

Edge Sports and Activities Ltd accepts payment by BACS and the secured online invoice system.

Term time payments can be made in full, or instalments

Holiday course payments are made in full with 48hrs after booking is confirmed

Any items left at the pool will be collected and stored appropriately. If you think you have left anything at the pool please let us know as soon as possible so we can return the items to you.

Yes, Edge swim school follows the Swim England national teaching plan framework and will progress through the award scheme. These are only awarded when the skills are obtained correctly, and may not necessarily mean they move up each term. Badges and certificates are awarded as part of your termly fees.

For holiday courses parents will have the opportunity to purchases certificates/badges at the end of their child course.

All details of our assessment and awards can be found on the following page – click here

If you are swimming at All Hallows, swim hats must be worn for all lessons (irrespective of gender/hair length etc), otherwise you not be allowed to enter the water. Fabric hats can be purchased directly from us at a cost of £4.50 each.

Goggles are not essential for beginners. We encourage all beginners to practise getting their faces wet without using goggles initially. Once swimmers are swimming without aids and are learning aquatic breathing they will need to have goggles in order to see underwater effectively.

No, children can progress much faster and gain independence if they are swimming without their parents from an earlier age.

This will depend on many things and just like with all sports and activities all children progress at different rates. If your child is very nervous when starting lessons it will most likely take them slightly longer to learn to swim unaided whilst they build their confidence. We sometimes find children who have learnt elsewhere may need to take a few steps “backwards” to correct their technique before moving forward.

As an existing member, your swim place(s) will automatically roll over into the new term. For anyone wishing to cancel their place(s) for the next term then you will need to let us know by the specific date that is email out to you. To secure your place for the next term a non-refundable deposit of £35.00 is required, or, full payment can be made straightway for the swim course.

Your deposit payments are due by a specific date emailed out, and if not received by this date, then your places will be automatically cancelled and reallocated. Bookings will still be taken after this date, but please be aware that we might not be able to offer your first choice of time/day, or you may lose your place completely.

Once you have confirmed that you wish to continue we will email a booking confirmation/payment invoice of the place offered.

Directions to the pool when arriving at All Hallows Catholic School (Weybourne Rd, Farnham, GU9 9HF)

When approaching the school, please use the entrance to the far right-hand side of the school building, and follow the road down. As you follow the road down into the car park you will see a set of double doors on your left hand side and that is the entrance to the pool. On the first and last day of each term, a member of the Edge Swim team will be available on the poolside to assist you.

We do advise that you arrive early on the first session, so as to allow ample time to familiarise yourself with the pool facility.

Please note that there is no smoking or vaping permitted while on the school site

Directions to the pool when arriving at Lord Wandsworth College

When approaching the school, please enter the College via the main gate next to the Four Horseshoes pub (RG29 1TA – note that Sat Navs can take you to other entrances which access may be barred).  Drive up close to the barrier beyond the main gate and it will open.  Head straight up the driveway, then follow the road round the two bends (right then left) and the main car park is then straight ahead of you.  From there you will see a number of main building, and the entrance to the pool will be directly ahead of you where you will see the Edge Sports and Activities flags, and a member of the Edge Swim team.

We do advise that you arrive early on the first session, so as to allow ample time to familiarise yourself with the pool facility.

Please note that there is no smoking or vaping permitted while on the school site.

Yes, you are permitted to use the school car parks. Please drive slowly and carefully with caution around the school pool site. Please do park courteously, and be mindful that the school car park is still a working car park for staff members at the school.

Swimmers should not swim if they have an open wound, any infectious disease, cough, cold, ear infection, head lice or stomach upset.  Swimmers should not enter the water for 14 days following unexplained diarrhoea.

Unfortutnately, the taking of photos and video recordings are not permitted under any circumstances while the swimming lessons are in progress due to child protection guidelines.

Importantly, this includes the use of phones in the changing rooms, or hallways, and includes any use of the photo or video function (even if you are taking pictures or video of yourself).

Parents / Guardians of any children (swimming or not swimming) who have their own mobiles or smart devices will need to make sure they are not using them to take photos/videos while around the poolside/changing room areas.

In the interest of safety and comfort of all our swimmers and in accordance with the Swim England safeguarding policy, we ask that all adults only access their gender appropriate changing room. Children of 8 years of age and above are also required to change in the gender correct changing room

To summarize: I.E Dads – please only ever access/use the male changing rooms, irrespective of the gender of your child. Mums – please only ever access/use the female changing rooms, irrespective of the gender of your child.

If your child is over 8 and of the opposite gender, they are asked to change on their own.

The policy and more detail can be found here if you would like more information Please refer here.

We kindly ask that any parents/guardians whose child is using the changing room without them present, be asked to use them responsibly and remind them that bullying / antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated.

The changing area and showers are not to be used as a play area and any other users of the facility MUST be treated with kindness and respect.

Please ensure that swimmers are not using the toilet cubicle as a changing room.

There is only one toilet in each changing room so it is really important that these are kept clear for those who need to use the toilet, rather than to change in, even at quiet times.

 Should any swimmers feel uncomfortable changing in the rooms provided, we recommend using a large changing towel / poncho.

Or they can also use something like a dry robe or onesie and then changing at home.

Outdoor shoes must be removed before entering the changing rooms, or the blue overshoe covers are worn before you enter the changing.

This just ensures that the transfer of mud etc from outside is restricted and keeps the changing room floor clean for swimmers and their families. Once removed, shoes can either be left outside in the reception area or taken into the changing rooms with you.

Blue shoe covers are available if you would prefer to keep your shoes on. Please just pop these on before entering the changing rooms. If possible, please leave these in the bin provided after use so that they can be recycled.

Every child has access to the same opportunities, although some children may have specific medical, physical or behavioural requirements that need to be taken into account prior to participating in activities. The needs of each child vary, so decisions on how best to include children into our programme, are made on a case-by-case basis. We request that parents of children with specific needs contact us to discuss how we can best accommodate their child, and consider whether any special arrangements need to be made. We may need to assess an individual’s need and find the most appropriate means of participation. Please note we cannot provide for children requiring personal care, including toileting.

Our waiting list works on a first come first served basis regardless of what position you are on it.

When a place becomes available for your child’s specific stage/level, you will be contacted (along with the swimmers on the list) and allocated to the first person who gets back to us.


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