Swim School FAQ’s

Yes, if we have a suitable space it is possible to join part-way through a term.

Payments can be made by BACS, Ping-it, monthly instalments (made via BACS) or cash before your lessons commence.

Any items left at the pool will be collected and stored appropriately. If you think you have left anything at the pool please let us know as soon as possible so we can return the items to you.

Yes, Edge swim school follows the Amateur Swimming Association national teaching plan framework and will progress through the award scheme. These are only awarded when the skills are obtained correctly, and may not necessarily mean they move up each term. Badges and certificates are free as part of your termly fees.

No, children are not required to wear a hat for swimming. However, it recommended that if your child has long hair that it is tied back or a hat is worn.

Goggles are not essential for beginners. We encourage all beginners to practise getting their faces wet without using goggles initially. Once swimmers are swimming without aids and are learning aquatic breathing they will need to have goggles in order to see underwater effectively.

No, children can progress much faster and gain independence if they are swimming without their parents from an earlier age.

This will depend on many things and just like with all sports and activities all children progress at different rates. If your child is very nervous when starting lessons it will most likely take them slightly longer to learn to swim unaided whilst they build their confidence. We sometimes find children who have learnt elsewhere may need to take a few steps “backwards” to correct their technique before moving forward.

Once you have a place in swim school you will be invited to rebook for the new term. Your place will be held for you within the priority booking period after which it will be offered to swimmers on the waiting list. You will still be able to make a booking after this date, but please be aware that we might not be able to offer your first choice of day/time. Once we have your rebooking application we will email a confirmation of the place offered with a request for fee payment before the beginning of term.

Directions to the pool when arriving at All Hallows Catholic School

When approaching the school, please use the entrance to the far right-hand side of the school building, and follow the road down. As you follow the road down into the car park you will see a set of double doors on your left hand side and that is the entrance to the pool. On the first and last day of each term, a member of the Edge Swim team will be at the desk inside the entrance to assist you. We do advise that you arrive early on the first session, so as to allow ample time to familiarise yourself with the pool facility.

Directions to the pool when arriving at Ash Grange Primary School

When approaching the school, please use the school entrance on the right-hand side of the building, and follow round to the car park. Once parked up and facing the school building, please follow the path round to the right-hand side of the school (On the first day, we will have Edge Sports and Activities flags up) that leads into the school playground. The swimming pool building will be in front of you, and if you follow this round to the entrance of the pool.  A member of the Edge Swim team will direct you to changing rooms. We do advise that you arrive early on the first session, so as to allow ample time to familiarise yourself with the pool facility.

Yes, you are permitted to use the school car parks. Please drive slowly and carefully with caution around the school pool site. Please do park courteously, and be mindful that the school car park is still a working car park for staff members at the school.

Swimmers should not swim if they have an open wound, any infectious disease, cough, cold, ear infection, head lice or stomach upset.  Swimmers should not enter the water for 14 days following unexplained diarrhoea.


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