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Our programme combines a variety of multi-sports, arts and crafts for all children from 4-14 years old. Each child will experience a daily schedule of different activities with children their own age. Below is a selection of the type activities that will be on offer throughout the activities course.

Edge Activities ‘Play’

Adventure Playground
A variation of adventure playground games including time trials, team challenges and free play. Incorporates climbing, balancing and team work.

A game played between two teams of five players in which points are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed at each end of the court. Children will learn basic shots and skills as well as playing a full game.

This exhilarating mix of Netball and American Football! Children work as a team to pass the ball to a member of their team over the opposing teams end zone.

Bucketball Rounders
A bat and ball game played with a variation of bats (rounders bat, tennis racket, Bbaseball bat, Ccricket bat) in which players run round a circuit of bases after hitting the ball.

Capture The Flag
2 teams compete against each other to capture the opposing teams flag.

Camouflage is fast paced hide and seeks game with a difference. The ‘counter’ will stay static, closing their eyes (allowed to open them at set points) and counting down from a set number. Challengers will have to move towards the ‘counter’ by hiding in different places without being seen before the counter reaches zero!

Catch and Tag
A variation of tag based games in which children work together or individually to out-smart and outwit the opposition.

Danish Longball
Danish longball can be described as a hybrid of baseball and cricket. This game has been adapted so as to include elements from dodgeball and football with a player being “out” if he is hit with the ball (outside of the safety zone) below the head whilst aiming to get a run. Each team takes turns batting and fielding.

Edge has a variation of dodgeball games. Dodgeball is a fun, mixed sport where people throw soft balls at their opponents who have to dodge or catch the ball.

A variety of fun drama games, Giving children the chance to use their imagination and creativity.

The world’s most popular sport! Children will have the chance to learn new skills and put these into practise with a match at the end of each session.

Kickball uses the basic rules of softball and baseball, A Fantastic game to develop children’s hand eye coordination.

Kwik Cricket
Kwik cricket is a high-speed version of cricket aimed mainly at encouraging children to take part in the main sport. Many of the rules are adapted from cricket, but kwik cricket is played with a plastic bat and ball

Parachute Games
With a variety of parachute games, from creating huge waves and giant tents, fun is certainly guaranteed.

Party Games
A mix of traditional and new games we all love to play from musical statues to pin the tail. Children will have the opportunity to put these new games to the test in the party games competition.

A bat and ball game played with a rounders bat in which players run round a circuit of bases after hitting the ball.

An adaptation of rounders. The batter has the opportunity to hit 6 balls into the field before the fielders can move. On the 6th ball the batter will attempt to run round a circuit of bases before the fielding side can collect all 6 balls

A modified form of baseball played on a smaller field with a larger, softer ball, seven rather than nine innings, and underarm bowling.

Touch/Tag Rugby
A non-contact team game based around rugby union. Children will have the chance to learn new skills and put these into practise in games/competitions.

Target Games
A mix of target games aimed to develop Hand eye coordination

Team Challenge
Games to encourage team work, develop communication and social skills.

Tennis (mini/short/normal)
Mini/Short tennis is a shorter version of tennis. Used with smaller rackets, soft balls on a smaller court. Children will learn basic shots and skills as well as playing games. This will then be developed into normal tennis for the older children.

Track and Field Sports
A mix of track and field disciplines, whereby children will have the opportunity to learn new skills that will come in use for the Edge Activities Mini Olympics.

Obstacle Challenge
With challenges set by their leaders, children will test their balance, speed and agility.

Ultimate Frisbee
A team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team’s goal line.

Hockey (rush and quicksticks)
Two modified versions of hockey. Children will have the chance to learn new skills and put these into practise in games/competitions

‘Edge Activities Club Got Talent’
Based on the popular TV show, children will perform their extraordinary talents to the rest of the children on camp to try and be crowned the ‘Edge activities club got talent’ champion

Edge Activities Sports Competition
2 groups of similar age will join together for a sports competition. They include: World Cup Fever, The Edge Open (Tennis), Kwik Cricket World Cup, The Edge Mini Olympics

Edge Activities Mini Olympics
A mix of track and field disciplines, children will have the opportunity to put the new skills from track sports into practice.

Edge Activities ‘Create’

Art Windows
What would you like to see when you look out of your window? Here children will have the opportunity to create their very own window and view.

T-shirt design
A fun activity where children will get to design their very own T-shirt and wear.

Design your own badge
Using a selection of designs, the children will be able to make their own badges

Friendship bracelet
Children will learn different knotting techniques to make patterned friendship bracelets.

Fun Glasses
Children will have the opportunity to design their very own pair of glasses using creative resources and take them home.

Hand Printing
A fun and messy type of art, using your hands to design a creative picture.

Fancy being a clown or Indian chief for the day then try your hand at designing your very own headdress.

Mask Making
Take a journey, from vibrate Carnivals to becoming the ultimate superhero, here children will let their imagination run wild.

Mega Mural
Mega Mural is a group exercise. On the large rolls of paper provided, each crew will have the opportunity to design and develop their own unique group picture to display on camp.

Stain Glass Windows
An effective use of tissue paper to create some a colourful design of their choice to brighten up your windows

Story Book Art
Exploring a variety of children’s favourite tales and turning into them into a piece of art.

String Art
A unique form of art, Children will be using string to create interesting patterns or pictures.

Warhol Handprints
Using bright and loud colours children will learn to create their very own Andy Warhol pop art handprints.

Chinese Lanterns
These paper lanterns are so easy and fun to make that they are quite popular to make for Chinese New Year or for learning about Chinese culture. We’ll show you the basic steps plus some creative ideas to spice up this classic paper craft.

Fairground Park Design
Using paper plates, string and paper children will design their very own Fairground Park carousel.

Children will get the opportunity to create their own LEGO objects.

Mega Art
Mega Art is a group activity. An A4 picture will be cut up into 8 pieces, each child will receive one section and they will have to enlarge the picture onto an A3 sheet. All the sections will then be put together to form a Mega-sized picture.

Mosaic Madness
During this activity children will create their own picture, which they will decorate with small mosaic card to produce their very own Mosaic.

Papier Mache
Papier Mache a substance made of paper pulp mixed with glue and other materials or of layers of paper glued and pressed together, moulded when moist to form various shaped, and becoming hard and strong when dry. Children will use Papier Mache to mould various shaped and objects.

Party Bunting
Children will design and create their own pennants to be joined together to make bunting to help decorate the Edge Activities club sign-in area.

Retro Yarn Orbs
These large, airy, decorative orbs are made from stiffened yarn and would look pretty when hung from the ceiling in your entryway or living room. You can make big orbs using regular balloons, or you can use water balloons to make smaller orbs.

Edge activity club Mascot
Using a large sheet of mural paper children will draw around one of their club friends and design their very own Edge activity club Mascot to be displayed in the sign in/out area

Wooden Pencil Pots
Using popsicle sticks and paper children will make a stationary pot to store pens, pencils and other small stationary items


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